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We invest in seeking, selecting and training new talents

“In a world of services people are what create added value”

This sentence represents our deeply human vision. Through our work, we are proudly demonstrating that even if technological innovation is a prerequisite for a logistics provider, the enthusiasm, commitment and know-how of our people are what make D.B. Group different at its core.

People and Values

Seeking talents

Finding talent is a matter of attracting it, something we do every day by showing our way of approaching logistics, where talent is bred among colleges, universities, professional training centres etc. Those who are naturally attracted to our philosophy will succeed in cultivating their talents with us and in creating partnerships with our clients.

Nurturing talents

Strong partnership come from resolute, focused people. For us people are the main strategic asset. We are proud of our talents and constantly strive to find new ones, recruiting them, training them and growing together with them. Innovation technology, infrastructures are fundamental, but people are more.

Global Talent Program

D.B. Group has launched a program called “Global Talents”: its main goal has professional exchanges among our offices worldwide. When a branch office needs a specific expertise for a period, it can apply to our headquarters while, at the same time, people can apply to work in another office abroad. By matching supply and demand, we help our network and stimulate personal development and to take share knowledge transversely.


Coco Huang : The D.B Groupers, the people of D.B Group, are the real added value of our company. Coco Huang, accounting specialist at D.B. Group Guangzhou, describes the best part of her experience as a #DBGrouper :”I have learned a lot here. I am very happy to come to such a platform as D.B. Group, where I can always discover something new and interact with friendly colleagues”.


We are always looking for new talents to join our team in each of our branches!

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1) How can I get a consultancy?

– D.B. Group China will provide you a meeting with one of our experts. Please, feel free to send your inquiry and date availability to the following address:

2) How can I receive a quotation?

– To ask for a quotation please write an email at

3) Which information should I give to D.B. Group China in order to obtain a quotation?

1. Freight service (Air, sea, road, rail);

2. Commodities;

3. CBM;

4. Weight;

5. Dimension size;

6. Packing List;

7. Pick up address;

8. Delivery address (POD);

9. ETA Request;

10. Cargo readiness.

4) Which documentation should I provide to import lighting in mainland China?

1. Packing list;

2. Invoice;

3. Catalogue of Items.

5) How can I have more information about kitchen transportation and installation?

– To get more information on this matter please write an email to:



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