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“In a world of services people are what create added value”

 D.B. Group was founded in 1980 in the North-East of Italy, more precisely in the sport-system district, and from that moment onwards it became the partner in integrated logistics and supply chain management for a large number of clients. Although lifestyle remains our focus, we have widened the set of sectors that we design and provide services for. The constant growth that we have undergone wouldn’t have been possible without our thriving network. Today our offices are located in 20 countries, with the objective of being the one-stop solution partner for our customers and ensuring them the same level of accuracy and efficiency globally.

D.B. Group has changed greatly over the years with an international extension of the range of services provided and new markets entered. Our vision is always the same: we stay focused on creating a sense of partnership, based on the idea that our work is not just about forwarding and logistics. It has something to do with engendering among our clients the awareness that, with us, they are sharing their know-how with the world in the best possible way. We are always keen to seek new ways of achieving goals: by keeping hold of the essential meaning of our work, we will keep creating innovative solutions for our clients’ needs.

The sense of partnership

Partnership is something extremely valuable to D.B. Group. With our clients and providers we set long-term relationships based on the belief that, as a team, we can build a better, more sustainable and positive future. That is why, when working with us, you will rarely hear us refer to “Customer” and “Provider”. We are your Global Forwarding Partner.

D.B. Group China - Shanghai

In 2004 we opened the first office in Hong Kong, establishing D.B. Group China. At first, our business was focused on helping our western customers in approaching the Far East market, which was in many cases their first supplier. However, having the opportunity to build strong relationships with our Chinese partners, we quickly infer the extreme potential of China and its people and their future role in the global economic scenario. For this reason, during the following years we decided to build a capillary network of offices in the country that could help both European and Chinese customers to easily connect and to reach new lands of opportunities.

Today we are a Chinese reality with an Italian heart/heritage and we operate as a 360° consultant on international freight forwarding, logistics and customs consultancy subjects focusing on treating commodities that are part of lifestyle sector furniture, home décor, fashion, accessories, shoes, eyewear, design, food & beverage. We work as a partner for our customers, studying and providing customized solutions for their needs, connecting all the elements in our hands in order to help them moving their innovation worldwide.

Our international team is what makes the difference. We work close to one another constantly pushing on improving our best-practices to provide faster and better answers to our customers and building specific expertise to transform their needs in opportunities to expand their businesses.

We exploit our origins to co-create valuable solutions that link buyers and suppliers. We put our effort and dedication on every project, to be the one-stop solution provider and to build strong, long-lasting relationships ensuring the same level of quality, precision and knowledge worldwide.

Local Branches

D.B. Group China has set up its branch offices in Hong Kong SAR, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing and Chengdu which are the main gates of access to the most valuable economic areas, covering respectively northern, central, southern and south-western territories.

Each of D.B. Group Local branches has its own features that respond to a strategic objective:

– Hong Kong SAR:

Represents our first footprint in China. This is where everything was born and is a free-trade port that offers pick-ups from mainland China, import-export shipments by sea – both FCL and LCL – and air, and integrated logistics solutions with free-trade zone warehouses.

– Shanghai:

Is our main branch in mainland China. It is conveniently located to serve the central industrial district and offers every service: consolidated shipments both in outbound and inbound by air and sea. In addition, it is possible to exploit consolidated train shipments solutions in outbound and full container train solutions for the inbound. The logistics solutions that we can offer in Shanghai are comprehensive of free-trade zone warehouses, consignment stock and standard warehouses. Furthermore, in Shanghai our team is specialized in customs consultancy, exhibition and fair services and last-mile services such as DHD and white glove.

– Qingdao:

Is conveniently located to serve the Northern industrial districts of the country. Here the local team will carefully take care of your shipments, focusing above all on inbound operations.

– Beijing:

Is a strategic point to deliver a better service to all our customers in the northern area. Our team of sales executive will be happy to meet you and to explore with you all the solutions we can offer. We are particularly focused on furniture linked to inbound logistics.

– Guangzhou:

Located in the main southern port of the country, the branch is pure. “Control tower” for sea freight export business especially for the South. Here we can offer different logistics solutions to the firms operating in the close production districts such as consignment stock and FTZ warehouses.

– Chengdu:

Located in the inland, is a central logistic intersection, connected to Europe thanks to its powerful infrastructure network, e.g. an 8,000km long railway.


This branch office offers international forwarding services through sea freight (both FCL and LCL) and air freight, groupage services for import and last-mile solutions for road freight in collaboration with local providers. Here we also provide tailor-made services and assistance, granting continuous consulting and high-level service.

Our global network

Italian roots

Our roots are Italian but we speak all languages: in 40 years we have developed a network of more than 50 branch offices in all 5 continents. Thanks to our international teams, our global network of offices and the agreements with local agents we can provide the same level of service to our customers everywhere in the world.

Our strengths

The China-Italy trade lane. Here, our roots and the expertise developed merge, and let us offer particularly interesting services both for inbound and for outbound logistics and freight forwarding, exploiting all the transportation opportunities to ensure the success of every operation.

Here follows the list of our direct offices worldwide

Alongside with China, our worldwide network extends to Europe, America, South East Asia and Africa.








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